Protecting Your Equine Investments by insuring your horses, activities and operations:

We offer coverage for:

Horse Mortality and/or Medical
Personal & Commercial Horse Farms

Equine Operation Liability

Care, Custody & Control

Horse Trainers
Riding Instructors
Horse Sales
Horse Shows – Events - Clinics
Saddle/Riding Clubs
Personal Horse Owners & Race Horse Owners

Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Horse Trailers

   Equine Mortality:
Provides coverage for death as a result of an injury, illness, or humane destruction and includes loss or death as a result of theft. Several Medical options are available if desired.

  Commercial Equine Liability Insurance
Provides coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties arising from commercial equestrian activities including: Boarding- Riding Instruction - Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Breeding - Horse Sales - Clinics - Horse Shows - Equestrian Events - Care, Custody & Control - Saddle/Riding Clubs - Race Horse Owners

  Personal Farm Insurance
Protection for your home, personal property, barns, outbuildings, farm equipment and tack. Includes personal equine liability.

  Farm with Commercial Liability
Protection for your home or rental dwellings including barns with apartments. Liability coverage is available for Boarding, Training, Lessons and many other equestrian activities.

  Personal Horse Owner's Liability Insurance
Protection for bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties caused by your personal horses, whether on your property or elsewhere in the United States.

  Saddle/Riding Clubs
Protection for liability claims against club members' activities, such as shows, trail rides, parades, member meetings, fund-raisers and award banquets. Organizations include Equine Activity Groups and Local, Regional or National Associations.

  Horse Show/Events
Short term policies specific to the dates of your equine event. Provides liability coverage for horse shows, barrel races, clinics and many other activities. Move in and Move out days are included at no charge.

  Horse Trailer
Provides comprehensive and collision coverage for personal use horse and livestock trailers.


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